“Delivering” –

“Delivering – ”
like a Baby

the long-overdue

Peacefully-‘Revolutionary’ “New-Society”

and the likewise “new” but much “overall-greater”

“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement”

 ( composition in progress  – )

including notes for tomorrow Sunday

“…the Son of Man has come that ye may have Life, and have it abundantly …”

Life !

[ but as the WW2 era BBC ‘Brains Trust’ enjoyed hearing Dr Joad professor of Thinking “stop-the-traffic with” practically every week

“It all depends on what you mean, versus is meant, by “Life …”

———————————-2221 ———————————-> 2237——–>2241 St 03 02 18 
Meanwhile, earlier today – in The Garden Centre Cafeteria.-

She had been with “family” eating at the neighbouring table
Her name she said is “Hannah” –
(as her slim motherly-minder kept one hand controllingly on her caree’s possibly 20+ year-old  shoulder -)

“what is that thing you just played some music from ?2 – “it’s a pitch-pipe used to give the right note when you need it “

-but Hannah had already ‘moved on’ –

“What’s your name -”
“Pitch-Piper” i rejoined;
“No-”  she quickly and assuredly went on,  ignoring her sensitive-minder’s hand ‘coaxing’ her away – “Your real name –

Juh Oh Huh Nuh” I spelled out – her minder now started  to ‘pull away’ a bit more  –  “John” I confirmed  “it has an H in it too -“

Suddenly but quite firmly self-controlledly, Hannah reached forward
and before I knew where I was she had given me a complete one-second-long “I mean this” kiss full on my lips –
whilst the minder now almost as suddenly became a “policewoman” –
and then her minder’s husband returned (from the lavatory, I guessed)
and as Mrs Minder and Hannah exityed tidied their table –
during which I managed to almost ‘blurt’ out
as if checking-myself-out
” That human-movement leader – his name … yes, that’s Hanna too !  Thomas Hanna – ”
(and I fell back to trying to eat my fresh salad
with my remaining four teeth ‘foursquare’  pre-molars two on each side, top and bottom –
hoping that “life-guidance-refeernce” would be a “seed falling on fertile ground”.

————  So What’s The Point  ? ———

Another of the things I often
“rehearse aloud -with God, the only one to be always ready to listen – ”
has this month come to me as a quote from President JFK :
“Those who do not support peaceful-revolution are supporting bloody-revolution”

————   The Point please ?   ———-

Ah !
The “Big-BIG Picture”
needs to be at least ‘glimpsed’ now

Since both “Focal-Power”(1)
are only
still extincting and destroying
Earth’s and Our Human-Civilisations’ Lifesupports and Recovery-Timeframes –


 it quite suddenly “behoves” us all
to not only ‘mind our P’s and Q’s’  but to more-upfrontly and proactively
a Peaceful-Revolution   by for instance daily-advancing our-self –

and any likeminded neighbouring co-operatees 

in  a

Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement“.

===========    2237 ==============
(1) “focal-power” without first having 100% ability and dedication to rightly-use that power becomes “negativising”, “iatrogenicly-injurious”
(2) “focal-perfection” without accompanying actively-neutral-sanctuary
for Further Learning
especially all-round-generally and ‘outside-of-the-specialisticly-perfect-Box”
becomes inhibitive towards all other advances “outside-of-the-box”. 2217