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Home education meeting January 30th 2018

Lord SoleyAbout 30 people attended the meeting last night. Most were home educators and all were either opposed or worried about my Bill and that is why they were invited.


Generally the meeting went well. There was a strong exchange of views and I picked up some useful comments about the problems they saw with my Bill. I think we have to disagree on many of them but there were useful suggestions and I was pleased when some people indicated they would look at the possibility of setting up a strong national group to represent home educators. As there are many conflicting views this might not be possible but from my point of view I think it would be helpful to have a group who could advise and inform education authorities, government and other bodies.


I was angry to discover the following day that some people had been secretly recording the event with a view to publishing. That is wrong when people have been invited to a private meeting (and it was by invite) and most particularly because people present did refer to their personal circumstances and to their children.


Surreptitious recordings were made by a couple of individuals who objected to my Bill on the grounds of privacy! Recording people secretly and without consent does not protect privacy and there were people present who made comments about their personal circumstances and their children.


I have no problem with my comments being published – I expect that and welcome it. Nothing that I say in situations like this should be or would be regarded as private by me but I have duty to protect others who were there and whose trust has been betrayed.

I hope to have a Skype meeting at a date in March that will allow people in more remote parts of the country to participate but I am still trying to organise that. If it is possible I will inform people through this Blog.

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  1. 01/02/2018 at 10:18 am – Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Goes to show how “Top-Down One-Way Adversary ‘Competition’ still “Rules” …

    … a Human-Development & Individual development point
    and Foundational-Education issue, too, I would say.

    Talking Foundation-Education – for Living-a-Life
    in the 128 hours Lifeplace

    [as ‘opposed’ to the 40 hours Workplace]
    [and as distinct from all
    Training /preparation for working in the ‘World’s-Workplace’,
    including in Schools and Universities – ”
    and one would need to include “Home-Training”
    as distinct from ” Home-Educatioin, too, I shouldn’t wonder …]
    Not just we in “1st-world Britain” need to get down peacefully-reformingly
    to a ‘new’ Generic-‘Basic-Need ‘ education-for-al, l and “lifelong-accessible” –
    Somatics – [the whole field, including master-advances such as Laban’s eight basicly-essential human-movements in “Effort”,; and Chaitow’s leading guidances in “Palpation and Self-Palpation” ]

    “All-Round ‘Method III’ Cooperative Problem Solving (Dr Thomas Gordon et al);
    Thinking -Modes and Scrutiny enablements -such as from
    Dr Edward de Bono’s “Six Thinking Hats”
    “How To ‘Win’ Every Argument” by Professor Madsen Pirie ;
    and of course the best classical “Critical Thinking” works.
    Not only ‘Home’ ‘School’, ‘University’ education
    needs to “peacefully-revolutionarily” establish
    a new Generic Educatiuonal Foundation –

    but so does every ‘society’, ‘community’. ‘level’, ‘sort’ and ‘walk-of-life’
    of the whole Population, howsoever and wheresoever they be …
    I would also include in such a “Sustainworthying-Peaceful-Revolution”
    carrying-forward the need for such current legislative and enforcement needs as
    “Cooperatively-Participative- and ‘Covenantally non-competitively-contractual” –
    and with a “strip-search at entrance” safeguard.

    —————- 1030 Thursday 01 02 18 —————.