Trio Ringed Round Tabling

Practising “Trios Ringed Round Table” Meetings- –

Since none exist hereabouts yet –

one simply has to “imagine” them happening’


We have to imagine three ringed round tables each with three chairs
each chair with a small side-table on which to have-at-hand that individual-participant’s sources and guidances.

“Equalisticly” (‘egalitarianly’)
we speak in turn ‘clockwise’  (say 1=minute each)
to present one new constitution guidance-source – which is then placed in the outermost ring on the table infront of that parfticipant

At Table One
Participant A proposes Effort by Laban & Lawrence – the whole work.

Participant B proposes An Unfinished History of the World  by Hugh Thomas

Participant C  proposes The Oxford English Dictionary and its subsequent further editions.
At Table Two
Participant D  proposes  _ _ _ _ _ _

E proposes  _ _ _ _ _ _

F  proposes  _ _ _ _ _ _


At Table Three