Our “News” – Day by Day ————————-> Wednesday 310118 —-> “Where We Are ‘So Stuck’ “

Let us summarise “where we’re actually ‘stuck’ …”

 1.   “Our successfully developed and further developing  Western ‘First’ World –

has only achieved that “progress”
by commanding and consuming/destroying
many-times times more than our fair-share of this Earth’s natural resources
of other poorer countries’ and their Peoples’
natural and civilisational resources and produce.

2.  But within that “solidly successful Spearhead” our Leaders and Governors
have been over-rewarding and under-training-and-educating
our [de facto ‘their’]
Workforces and Lifestyles Pyramids –

in the case of All-Americans 900% in excess of our fair-share and of our survival-needs;

in All-Britons’ case – 500% in excess of our real Needs;
and our current ‘Leaders’ are right now this day
“promising” us even further “growth” and “personal-income-increases”
in those “two-edged sword” excesses – damaging us doers as well as the Earth’s Lifesupports.

Worst of all maybe,
within these mono-perfect Pyramids

our “best-human-beings”
have been for hundreds upon hundreds of years
(- and are still increasingly doing so -)
deludedly and downwards-deludingly seeing and paying theirself
as if they are each more than just one-human-being
– and many more up to and beyond 500 –
one instance being the Psychiatrist Class – who have to have 10 times more than one-human-living
[given that £300 per week is a sufficient income for one-human-being to maintain their-self Healthy, Citizenlike, and Environmentally-supportive]



That’s ‘suddenly’now being realised to be

Our Human Race’s and Our Earth’s

Looming Predicament

What Are We Doing – ?

About This Onrushing Human-Race and Civilisation Collapse
and Extinction ?

Well, mostly ‘we’ are only further “stoking-up” its Destructive-Fires –

Whilst we invisible few
“Self-&-Civilisational Co-Sustainworthying Movement”
‘Shoes’ –

struggle to cooperatively-&-participatively find and remediate 
the root-causes of that Trillion-Billion-Million-aires-led and domineered
that is so
insidiously carcinoma-like still 
metastising and  “growing” 

 Nowhere in the Human-World can we find and equally join-in
with any healthily-growing Body-of-Kindred-Serious-Human-Beings
‘Not-for-Profit, Power nor Prestige’
Peoples’ “No-Lose Problem-Solving” Facility.

No “Peoples Serious Information-Sharing and Constructive Discussion Institution”

– not even ‘Online’


Therefore here, with our three ‘lone’-web-sites

http://www.lifefresh .co.uk ; 
http://www.one-human-living.com ;
http://lifefresh.net .

all we can do
is attempt to discover or design
guidances for “Longest-Term Sustain-Worth-ness-ing”
of ourselves

and of any essential Organisation

and follow whatever real-Earthlife human-health building leaders are being published
and by immediately setting ourselves into thus
‘learning, progressing, and doing
in the best ways we can find’


The Bottom-Up “Threesomes Ringed Round Tables”

and co-learning path
is the only common-sense
and bottom-up do-able
way ahead

that might “save”
both our Human Race
this Living-Earth beneath our feet.

1313 Wednesday 310118 —— jsdm ———–