Open-to-World STOP-PRESS

We need to be up-front glimpsing
the following reminder
of the


Master-Plan Bottom-Line

for both
Saving this Earth & Its Lifesupports
and Saving our Human-Race
from Extinction.

It is to have all of the World’s Populations, Machinery, Tools and Weapons
focusing upon
Providing them [the World’s Topmost Trickle-Down Governors]
with Four (4) Earths-worth of Lifesupports –
in order to enable them to enable us to
“Ask not what They,
and this Civilisation that they have perfected for us, 
and overall this Bountiful and Beautiful Living Planet Earth
can do for Us, 

but What can we do for Them*”

– both Immediately and Longest-Term.



Texts are already ‘flying’  –
one that we have ‘caught’ being :-

(“) We’ll be adding to our loop,
the debacle-like Command-Demand for

4 (four) Earths-worth of Lifesupports

to support and fulfil this World’s last-hope Master Plan

to save this Earth, Humankind,and Our Future Progeny –

from Privation, Collapse and Early-Extinction.(“)


And another message included
(“) Trusted media advice has been released –


our Human-Race’s Leaders, Armies, Governors, Police,
and Medical Sectors, Human-Developers, Educationists, and Peoples –

‘democratically’ through their Topmost-Elite Quora
and their more immediately accessible
Parliamentary Advocates and Representatives –

need to immediately begin producing and distributing – to all People –
4-Earths-worth of Lifesupports 

or “risk perishing in pain”.

——————————————————we join with other and more-trustworthy media, in “staying-tuned”   2112 —————————————————–

 * ‘Them’ –  the Elite, their Civilisation, and this their Earth

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