Need for Neighbourhood and Worldwide-Community Sustainworthiness Discussion Channels

An instance of how we have the “spirit” and “motivation”
cooperatively and constructively communicate and discuss vital Life-Matters


our past education, training, and life-expeience
nor  Government
nor any Affordable-Marketplace
are helping us
to learn and comprehend
and put into effect
these our Earthlife and Humankind “Response-abilities Responsibilities”.


Informal Participany A:  texts 

“Human interaction is the ‘keep’ –

we all come from tribes – from the dawn of human-kind in Africa … “


Informal Participant B responds :

“Yet we now world-serving English linguists branched out late,
and now desperately need to both
and paradoxicly
‘lead-the-world’ in

We need to begin interact-able ‘ringed-round-tables of three people at each, and be preparing new
‘No-Lose Self-&-Civilisation Sustainworthying Constitutions’ –
and also be learning and practising
and group/team
Sustainworthy Practices and Enablements

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