How to become a Life-Supporter instead of a Mere One-in-7 billion Life-Destroyers

The  comprehensive and  unadulterated  Basics of Human Life have been available for some very considerably length of Time

but many are still being “ignored”
even by Schools, Universities,,Communities, Governments.

and by the Leading Expert Organisations themselves.


The best and most “fundamentally-encyclopaedic” publication and enablement-manual
in the Whole World
is our very own researcher and human-movement leader Rudolf von Laban’s work with engineering expert Lawrence

which details all eight basic and essential human-movements in four pairs of opposites”.

All other human-movement worksfall short of such essential comprehension.

“Tai Chi” also fails to provide all-round movement ability.;

yet our British Market promotes the foreign philosophy and Tai Chi “copy an external master’s movements


The best ‘encyclopaedic” Body-Mind-Spirit workbooks in the world

include Beata Jencks’s Your Body – biofeedback at its best without instruments, machineryand artificiality ;

and Ronald Shone’s
Creative Visualisation…