The Humankind Future Survival Strategy & Predicament

We found a Long-Term Future Strategy website
and addressed it’s Proponent thus :-

Hello Dr Katie,
I am a 90 year old single male Englishman,
attempting to participate in immediate Peace-building
and in
Longest-Term Human-Civilisational “sustain-worthy-ing”.

Kindly perhaps take a few time-saving  glimpses of e-sites Not-for-profit, power nor prestige :

and possibly of

for my JohnSydneyDentonMiles or JSDM
over 600 submissions since May 2010

published ‘verbatim’ by the UK Westminster House of Lords’s
small-volunteer-peers-group moderated by Hansard
reaching-out two-way to the British (and de facto World) Public .
Apart from my personal-predicament vis-a-vis “iatrogenic-authorities and UK neighbourhood-communities”;
I see
a hugely-insidious danger at the very heart of our Human Civilisations today –


the double Imbalancer of

(i) de-facto absence of
Peace-Building Foundations (including Holistic Wellness and Health Building non-medical services) and more overarchingly and underpinningly
(what I call)
a world-wide “Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement”

(ii) the preponderance of Destructive Win-Lose Directive Militancy
in every quarter of World, International, National. and Local governance
[by government/public & civil services] –
and in both Pedagogic and Androgogic Lifeplace-Education
[as distinct from Job and Career Workplace Training & Skilling].

Where may we, even the poorest and most-excluded and even imprisoned,  individuals,
find and participate in
our co-founding or up-dating of Humankind’s Longest-Term Strategy
and our own various levels and priorities of
Practical-Know-How learning and cooperatively practising
and developing ?
With best regards,
John S.D. Miles.

================================== 0030 T 30 January 2018 =================================