The “Play” Puzzler –

.—>   Dictionaries and Encyclopaedias, as well as Glossaries and Stipulateds, out of the way –

[you know, as if we were now “Picassos”
(‘individuals’ who have mastered previous master-artists’ abilities and works
i.e. become able to paint like Leonardo da Vinci, ‘Rembrandt’, Turner, Titian …and so back and forth) –
to have already “read, learned and inwardly-digested” all previous “perfections” and “establisheds”] –

what now may we “mean” by “play”  ?


“I’ve just had a horrible afternoon-mare
and I only hope an eveningmare doesn’t grip me too “

or as my Shiatsu therapist-cum-life-educator/trix has said already
“You have such a play-ful mind -“

but the problem
with such
is that some people view  other people’s 
writhings in agony
entertaining-play” –
{ very oftenly  like couch-potatoes laid-backishly ‘before. the Goggle-Box

“Play!” can also mean the same as “Box On!”
which contrastingly as a batsman
you had better have made sure your “wearing”
before you
“go in”



when it comes to “playing”


a Brisbane Australia T-shirt returns to mind 

“If I Can’t Win –
I Don’t Want To Be In That Game” 


a similar
word-play clincher
came from a car-bumper

“Once I thought I was Wrong –
But I was Mistaken”   

2020  off again ——-> and 2025  again ======================================= ‘Til “Then …” ——->