M for Mundane —> “Worldly”

-“Monday’s child is full of Woe -”
(Tuesday’s will have Far to Go)


Would it make sense, that is our Human-Race began on Earth in Africa,

then both the bodily-migration and the linguistically-intellectual evoolution-cum-civilisational-development
spread outwards from Africa –
in a succession
such that

Britain scores late
to be civilisationally existent and developing –

long after  the North African, Mediterranean,
and the European countries of Greece, Italy, Spain, France,
later than Austria, Germany, Belgium.Holland, Denmark -Poland,
and much of Russia too –

So what ?

Well, suddenly not only our “world-leading Western Nations” are failing to become even short-term Sustain-Worthy,

but so are all the other human-civilisations and ‘worlds”
all around the Earth –

an Earth which is already being killed-off –

not just by our highly-technologised “Best-Ever and English-Administered Western World”

but by all other human-civilisations, communities, groups and “empowered individual persons” too.

So What  ? 


how   –   

“in God’s name”  – 

are we going to make ourselves 

a  Truly Sustain-Worthy Human-Civilisation  – instead

here-we-go-again now
what prioritisation
should we have made [already]
for what we-and-our-progeny
will need tomorrow  –  and tomorrow  –  and Tomorrow   




what I am
[and a few incognito others, no doubt are]
saying “should be carried-forward”
as being  commonly-sustainworthy-needs

is Clearly Conflicting 

with what you

[ – and you  –  and You-All -]

are NOT saying we as well as you need to be “carrying-forward”