Our Humankind’s Sudden and Enormous Survival-Task

The Facts :

Until Our Industrial Revolution [about 1750 ]

Earth’s Physically-Natural and Bio-Evolutionary “LifeSupports”
had formed and established their selves into a
“Longest-Term Thrival-Survival Pyramid”
such that within its boundaries
NO living creature
[including Pre-Machine-Technological-Age Humankind]
consumed nor destroyed more than 10%
of the “possible-lifesupportive” food-pyramid-layer” beneath it.

Since that Industrial-and-Weaponry “Rise”began

our Humankind has been increasingly exponentially –
(acceleratingly and hugely)
-using, imbalancing, and both extincting and destroying
Earth’s Whole LifeSupports Ranges and Depths,
and inhibiting and disabling parts of the “Human-Life-supportive-pyramid”, too;

such that by the twentieth century the hitherto plentiful lifesupports
had been drawn into a distinctly downward-quantity/quality short- as well as longest-term decrease;
whilst our Human Race population-numbers
(and destructive abilities and weapons)
had established an upwards quantity/’quality’ gigantic increase 

Each such “advance” in Humankind’s “harvesting-but also extincting and destructive powers”

took some 500 years to be “seen-necessary – and brought materially into effect”


‘Suddenly’ we are becoming “blitzkrieged’
by the relentlessly over-looming fact

that we need to “reverse” all of that

within 30 years

and make both ourseves and our lifesupports

Longest-Term-Sustainworthy –

or our lifesupports, ourselves and our progeny too
will rapidly “perish” –
are “already becoming” extincted –


Lifesupports & Self Extincting   

1717 over to you



How Achieve This  –
“Sustain-worthy-ing” ?

Well, we here in the Not-for-Profit, Power nor Prestige World,
do believe
that we do already have enough Knowledge and Know-How Ability
to not only quickly establish a

“World, Earth, and Humankind saving –
and likewise

—-     the quickest way this can both begin and be carried-through longer-term

is already by each and together –
especially “right-away” in the Lifeplace


because there’s not much room nor preparedness in any Workplace
including National and Local Civil-Services and United Nations Departments yet –
following a Checklist of Tasks   

(i)  begin “wholisticly” more all-round ‘flexibly limbering’ your-own privately-personal-self
(as a “self-positivising-monad”)
many times, day and night.

(ii) progress thus daily – but with a regular partner or partners, as “co-positivising-dyads”

(iii) further progress until you have a third-person in a “co-positivising trio” –
and now include regular trio discussional-explorations at an empty “ringed-round-table”- each propolsing scrutiny and potenbtial of a Knowledge and Know-How Guidance pujblication for advancing through the rings to an eventual

“New Life-Sustainworthying Human-Civilisation
Core-Guidance and Constitution Repository”   

 —————— 1800 Sunday 28 January 2018 ——————-