“Members” & “Newcomers” Further Guidance

For our Human Race’s now undeniable
Long-Term & Immediate Primary Task –

“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthy-ing”

see previous post 
”   Our Humankind’s Sudden and Enormous Survival-Task  “

you’ll be wise to use, and will be quickly-enabled by,  the following Sources 

1(A)  Group  –  ‘Together’- wise

Leader Effectiveness Training  – (Dr Thomas Gordon)
focus first on co-using the
” ‘No-Lose’ Method III of Cooperative Needs-&-Hows Recognition and Co-Problem Solving
as our immediate co-know-how need –
print out a 5-steps practical guidance
from Not-for-Profit, Power nor Prestige websites now,
http://www.one-human-living .com ;  or  http://www.lifefresh.co.uk ;

facilitated  Group & Together-wise


Six Thinking Hats  (Dr Edward de Bono)

How To ‘Win’ Every Argument (Prof Madsen Pirie)

You “win” simply by showing any flaw, fault, fallacy, missing-factor, or deliberate deception
in any other Participant’s Argument-Content and/or Reasoning-Sequencing,  or ‘Ultimate Intention’.

For a very “real-life and lifesupports supportive” list of advanced facts and guidances-
please see  www.one-human-living.com  and  www.lifefresh.co.uk  .


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