Further-Hidden Facts and Factors

Not only must we be watching-out for deliberate and “accidental” bad and wrong wordings –

such as “Friendly Fire”, “Ethnic-Cleansing”
and an NHS ‘ National Health Service’ which has never been a successful Holistic-Health-Building Service
but a reasonably-sucessful  “Hospitals and Illnesses Sector”
[and incidentally under English Law there is no such “legal-entity” as “health” anyway


we need to be watchful for such similar “whitewashers” [some of which are glaringly “whited-sepulchres”] –

“royal-purple satin-lined spiritually-blessed coffin-liners”.

Likewise the “motives” behind
(for instance) “Charity Work”
where the real-motive may well be
 that such work keeps the volunteers healthily-active
as well as the paid workers (such as priests and nurses)
more comfortably active
and thus more fit to succeed in their other paid employment
and to better enjoy their own social and personal life …

Further instantiation:
‘Rumour’ has it
that President Trump is making legislation that increases the profits being made by his “Private” Companies
previously solely by him but also still now giving him the same plus any increased profits .

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