S for Saturday ——>

Am I the only human-being in SW England
seeking a “sustain-worthy-ing” person, two or three persons, a small-group –
an Association, and a bigger-Non-Governmental Organisation
committed to ‘not-for-profit, power nor prestige
but to
“co-building sustain-worthiness and ‘co-sustain-worthy-ing ?
S  for  “Seeking -“

Helpfujl “brief homework-preparation guidances” cold now include the ‘short-but-sweet’

Non-Fiction Summaries  – in A6 30-pages pamphlet form (by Instaread)

such as
Summary of The Five Dysfunctions of Teams  by Patrick Lencioni
Summary of The Checklist  [ carefully prepared sequences and details of essential things-to-be-done ]

2050 —— taking a Rest ——— may not be back up before Sunday ———–


S for Sat
sat near to Amnesty folk
sitting around a table in the “Totnespeoplescafe@gmail.com ”
a-writing letters to authorities
to get proper help for people-being persecuted and tortured, overseas –
2259 for 2300 -> thru  2239 —-
for 2359 Friday 26 Jauary 2018

when Friday “said”  ‘Good-Bye'”



Saturday will be the last day … and not only “of the Week” –

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Our own, our very-own, Human Experts
have arrived at the conclusion
that we
this 7.4+ billion human mouths, bodies, and ‘future posterity-progeny’ –


we have

totally reversed

our World-Civilisational
[1] Collective-and-Personal Lifeplace Habits –
[2]  Over-destructive and under-constructive-&-under-Life-supportive Workplace Intentions and Skills   

in 30 (thirty) years ———> i.e.

by the year 2048 

– and have also all
and felt-with-our-own-bodies, minds and spirits
the success of that Alteratively Positivising-Rise
and have each and all become wholly engaged in being 100% Life-Supportive –
both as Individuals-in-Lifeplaces
as a New Sustainworethy Civilisation-on-this-Planet Earth –

are all



 2335  and therein so “are already extinct ”
“All Kinds of Everything ..”  and all ‘trivia’ such as  Sat- a – Gee and its ‘co-creators Gilbert & Sullivan

 2339 ————–  Alas !