Finding History’s Forwards-Sustain-Worthy* “Markers”

0637  Drafting-in-Progress-

Hugh Davies had it “right” when he published

An Unfinished History of the World 

Once already accepted

our Added-Task is to ongoingly-continually be


likely possible

“carry-forwards ‘sustainworthiness’ markers in our Humankind-Progress :

for the quite simple [but probably not ‘easy’} purpose
of consolidating our Humankind Progress/Regress within Life-upon-Earth

Nature – for instance – can be considered separately from  Civilisation 

simply because evolutionary ‘change’ **  is distinguishable from civilisational-development ***

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cum “sustainworthy-ing”


– for the better, or the worse ?


development  qua “positive  ‘sideways’ – negative” –

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