2350 ——> “Rambling-On” ———->0035

now 2350   ”  “Rambling-On”  “

Not just curtailing our Best-Life-Leaders’ books as “good reads”

nor merely  “sustainworthily carry–able forwards”

‘practically good,  “do-ably-forwards”  life-living-guidances ‘ 

[ if you will, “slash-tri-bar-ly” at odds with being ‘just a good read’ ]

So I’m about to be selecting “good sustainworthy guidances” for me to be “do-ing forwards”
2200 { publisher typing}

Task:-  Select
from a few “randomly-at-hand” non=fiction books

some ‘do-ably-forwards’ guidances.

At hand:

NO Is Not Enough 

A New Beginning for Humankind   was 2012

The Moving Researcher 

and  Five ‘Instaread’ Summaries – of The
Body Keeps The Score
Checklist Manifesto
Five Dysfunctions Of A Team
Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying-Up
48 Laws Of Power.


And I may choose to include notes
about any TV or Radio programme I’m occasionjally or steadily watching or listening to,
as an ‘item’ that seems to be
a “sustainworthy and forwards-do-able (or knowledge-tenable)

2225———- trying to be back in time for 2359 Friday’s start ————-

A New Beginning for Humankind   was 2012

“The world is reaching a nuclear tipping-point, and a catastrophe looms.
Even the United Nations can’t seem to do anything about the threat.”

[jsdm:  and there are other huge and even more certain threats to our Survival, too  –  already published here ] 2358

Naomi Klein is about collectively “top-down”  ‘Defeating the New Shock Politicsbut we can’t ‘join-in

Currently on RTNews’s “Worlds Apart” with Oksana Boyko interviewing Laurence Kotlikoff (USA Professor of Economics)

[“] … Our social-debt has been growing exponentially for the past 6 decades – no generation nor president doing anything to stop it (nor to pay if off) –
this ‘fiscal-gap’ now .at $US200 trillion …. [“]

Oksana says that [“]  ”’ but tha’s not due now to ‘Trump’ –  nor to any-one in the last 6 decades
because every time we try to tackle that Biggest-Issue, some other “hot and urgent issue or wear” comes up and blocks-the-way – [“] –


or even the lone “duty-surgeon-of-the-night” has to, or just ‘does’, drop off to sleep – or goes to  the restaurant for dinner –
and an epidemic suddenly ‘gets-a-grip’
even during a mere ten-minutes away in the lavatory.

Evidently that is also why we here ostensibly “Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustain-worthy-ing”
can spend a few minutes “trawling” through the internet
– at high-speed –
and within our personal-comfort-zones,

but never becoming able to ‘stretch’
to meeting around serious-information-sharing
cooperative-discussion tables.

 0035 =====