Lurkings & Overshadowings


We have just submitted to the UK Westminster House of Lords’s “two-way reach-out direct to the world public” to the Lord Hylton posted historical situation-&-predicament
“Guantamo Bay Iatrogenic Humankind Disaster” [jsdm]
the following :-

Humankind Predicament Deeper Hidden Factors and insights published:-

see please;


Prof Paul Verhaeghe

Says Who ? – the struggle for Authority in a Market-Based Society” ;

What about Me – the struggle for Identity in a Market-Based Society ” ;

and the half-hour  Interview with him on  RTNews “Renegade” (currently) from ~ Mon 220118.


Prof  Hickel  “The Divide” ;’


Naomi Klein  NO is not enough – defeating the new shock politics”


And of course the many excellent and published advances
in Human Knowledge and Practical Know-How
that are still being ignored and thereby insidiously ‘destroyed

[see Lists in
[not-for-profit, power nor prestige] ].

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