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Simply Reasoning-
Equational Facts :-

Premise A 
:  The Earth’s Lifesupports are both Finite
and being decreased by
Humankind’ ‘Consumer-Market-‘Economic Over-Consumption & Wasting’

Premise B:
The Human Population is Over-&-Imbalancedly+Imbalancingly–Consumingly
Growing-&-Wasting Lifesupports “out-of-control”

Premise C
  Because of (C1) the Over-Consumption (“destruction”) of both the Quantity and the Quality
of Earth’s and our Human-Race’s Lifesupports
(C2) the quality and quantity of positive-performance-lifesupports to the Human-Population (7+ billion) is decreasing

Premise D:
 (D1)  Every Human-Civilisation in the History of this Planet Earth has perished or collapsed
due to its failure to positively-productively and sustainworthily
manage its Environments and Populations;

(D2)  All current human-civilisations
including the new overall Global-Civilisation
are failing
to both Sustainworthily and Positively-Productively
manage our Environments and Populations.

Premise E :
There is no Human Organisation both willing and able to either reverse these down-plunging destruction & extinction factors
to peacefully-revolutionise The World into a New Sustainworthy Intention, Constitution and Practise




All current human-civilisations are already in insidious decline, collapsing, and perishing
and incapable of sustainworthying both Lifeplaces and Workplaces

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