“SUCCESS” – 0628

Since soberly leading authors and TV Interviewers
are increasingly finding, researching and very profitably*-publishing
true Facts, factors, and findings about
our and this World’s problems and sicknesses

it behoves us
do what we can and may
to clarify situations and predicaments

and to

unmask-the-villains .

Let’s take the abject failure of both Money and Power
to lifesupport and enable us 7+billion Earth-inhabitants
to live holisticly healthily and sustainworthily-socially.

“No names” –
but “yes” actually extensive “Pack drill” in the form of “wolves” –
professional bodies, governments, civil-services, companies and “private-individual-capitalists”..

‘Though some professors and some psychiatrists are still “rational” and” good human-hearted” people – at least in their “masks”,

as a “Cl;ass”  they are oh so deluded.

that they are
many more human-beings than just the one-[and-only one] that they each and every-one in fact are.

{With one-human-being  needing  one-human-living  say £300 per week –
any-one “needing” twice that is not only deluded that s/he is two human-beings each
but is only 50% personally-efficient at living-in-the-Lifeplace.


“We” on the other hand here within our “Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthiering Movement”

are comparatively and contrastingly

a resounding success !

====================================== 0628

such as Professor Verbeughe or Professor Hickel