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”  –  so how now ?
The Problem of
Compatible-ising Our Different World Views and Abilities … ? –

  •  so many ‘key’ people are shutting-off themselves and many of  us from progressing
    – e.g. Totnes ‘Transition Town’ people
    and Church vicars and officials –
  • and of course all governmental-people –
  • and many others we know, quite apart from the millions-upon-millions we don’t …
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  • “We” have opened a “Closed Google Discussion Group” too ,,,
  • “Making Ourselves and Humanity More Sustain-Worthy”

Continuing preparing and progressing with our

“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement”

Note:-  “Sortb the tares from the wheat”

e.g. The Australian International Conflict Resolution Institution published a work-book and called it
Everyone Can Win
which should have been more exactly and unambiguously

Every-One Can ‘Win’ :

jsdm:  this is neither splitting-hairs nor “pedantry”
in times of “spin-doctoring” wherein “Everyone” connotes “the people–population as a united-whole” thus not as individuals


0759  IN PROGRESS   0835-

Here in this sub-hq-39B

Looking for Links between our “forthcoming Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthiering Movement’s vaious Constitutional-Guidances

1.. Movement
a.  Earth-Animalian (1. between Jencks, Laban, Feldenkrais, “Relaxercise”,  … The Moving Researcher

and all

Rationale:   Since when Caroline Myss {Anatomy of the Spirit) and David Boadella (what practically does each energy and centre actually do in and ‘for’ the person ?
; and between Jung and Laban;
neither knew of the other’s “same” or “parallel” advances in a Research field  –
Myss and Boadella being in the 7-fold Innate Divine Human Energies and their centres and life-progress in the human-body-mind-spirit “trinity”;

nor Jung researching the Human Mind Functions
unawarely parallely with
Laban (likewise unawarely) researching the complete foundation and progression of Human Body Self-Movabilities

co-temporaneously ‘blissfully ignorant of key-knowlewdge and possibly also of key Know-How, being made “elsewhere” possibly by a “professional competitor —

so that’s a big Lifeplace, as well as Workplace  – Problem –

not at all akin to “let not your right hand know what your left hand is doing “( ? )