Turning Our “Story” into “Our Plan”

So what would your purpose and design be
(1) a Sustainworthy Civilisation

(2)   of sustain-worthy Neighbourhoods within that “New Humankind Sustainworthiness”

(3)   of your Individual-cum-Shared Home within such a Neighbourhood ?
1629 for 1630 ‘change-over

within this major sub-HQ-39B PL6 5LY branch
of  our “Scattered-EarthLife-&-Humankind Sustainworthiering-Movement” Covert-World-HQ” =

I9jsdm) now seek to progress catching-up with the “Movement Scales” as guided by the Laban School of Natural and Civilisational Human-Movement.

In short, these are like music scales (ascending  A B C D E F G A – (descending) A G F E D C B A

 but in body-movement sequences
beginning with the three “heights” of High, Middle, and Low


the Space directional planes ‘Door’, ‘Table’. ‘Wheel’
wherein one moves successively between the “opposite-like’ total 12 corners
1633 —- jsdm off to begin learning these “Movement Scales” — back briefly say 2100 —– 1635—
and recording “Songs of Praise” the Lloyd Webber organist family and  the Methodist Central Methodist Hall Westminster (in London)
[ our “Sustainworthiering”  ‘interest’ in such events
would certainly include our “distinguishing in ourself the varying Altered States of Consciousness” happening –
the ‘”negativing” as well as the “positivising”
ends 1700 ——


one needs some 90 minutes breaks during each 24 hourspan;
I find 3 hours plus 10 mins/quarter of an hour to complete, become mindful of, and make a bedside notebook entry about
Maybe 2400 – 0000 .would be a good regular daily-change-over time for any major change to be posted up here ?

I 1800 take such a 195 minutes horizontal stretch-relax break
Thank you. ———–1701  Over to You ———–