Our Humankind’s Leaders

now bridging the  0600 to Midday’five’ “hypno”-timeframes; and the GMT Mornning quartile
from below where we left off the 3 a.m. change-over Sn 21 01 18-

The Ultimate Paradoxical “Brilliant Insanity” of Humankind 

is so ready-at-hand to be
(1) seen,
(2) comprehended,
(3) remedied

that we come slap-up-against the “History Repeats Itself” truth –  

and yet so abysmally daily
to establish both the requisite Vanguards and Rearguards..
and the in-between HQs and Civilisational Bodies 

I am going to try, once again, to help this “Humankind” I and all of You are emtrapped in

to make a Peacefully-Revolutionary and Longest-Term Sustainworthying


in just a few minutes from now be prepared to “wipe your verbal-brain clear”
of many dominant, and too many domineering,
words, terminologies and both personal-lifeplace and employer-owned workplace
————  0343 0345 ——————

Instead of “skilling” which is for us here a Workplace term, we use “Enabling” as our Lifeplace word and ‘term’ ;

Instead of “Trainee” we use ” Learner”, and especially “co-learner” “co-self-explorer” ;

Similarly we now clearly distinguish between our “40 hrs/week Workplac”; and “128 hrs/week Lifeplace”.

Thus let’s “go live” now ———– 0421 typing—–> 0440

“…/Sensory awareness ‘training’ [for us now ‘lifeplace-learning’] is based on the assumption that
Man, in the process of civilisation, came more and more to disregard his body
and must learn again to become more conscious of him/herself and of the body .
Increased sensory awareness leads to giving more attention* to narrowed fields of consciiousness
and perceiving prcisely and objectively the relationships between feelings and the environment.
This makes it possible to experiment with and to choose the most effective and apprpriate behaviors**. ….

The ‘trainee’ must learn (how) to sense with a fresh feeling,
to observe neutrally without being anxious,
and to beware of labeling sensations in terms of past experiences.
S/he must become “at home” in his/her own body, accept it as it is, and remain conscious of his/her feelings.
S/he must allow biological processes to proceed without disturbing them,
neither negate nor over-rate his/her body, and live fully in  the present-time./…”  0440 0442 

You need to be advised that I jm/jsdm/JSDM sometimes “add” or “paraphrase”, for our mind-frame’s clarity sake.

The above is a reasonably verbatim quote from pages 65 and 66 of Dr Beata Jencks’s foundationally-classic -work
Your Body biofeedback at its best [without instruments, machinery or artificiality]

It has been available to “us humankind” since 1977

—————–  and so, we’ll continue — come with us ——- or not ———– 0450

0430 <—–> 1030  now  0900 – 1003 – 1200 – – – ->  continuing in Dr Dweck’s work-to-us-

I wish you were here by my side to make “the right selections” within The Right Reason –

Nonetheless we have a chance to ‘altar-nate’
between our

increasing Knowledge Base
and our

wider-encapable-ing Knowing-How Practice- Path  ?

Caroline’s work-book begins with much Factuality and Knowledge,
and it is not until quite well into chapter 4 “Use of Sensory Awareness” (page 69 in ISBN  88229-508-X ppbk. /////////

////////  1023 break forte then ’til say 1100 or so , now 1030 precisely ///////////////////
that we find the first brief italicised title of the hundreds of guidances [‘exercises’ how-to ‘Instructions’]

1040 interimly, so if you’re a REAL humankind-leader your Core-Duty must be

to be physically-presently super-guiding “classes” of “Better Human Movement Learning and of Practice”
…………………………………………………….[qua “supervising]” 1043 back-to-a-thermosflasked teacupful -1044 so-are-you-“that’s-the-stuff-don’t-ye-know”
1050 typing  1053 microwaving   or AYW (as-you-were) re-flasking and finding … microwaving not necessary  1057 Caroline ——>

BEST NOW CONTINUE INTO A NEW POST ————>  to the new post above now, please 1103