One-Human-Living —> 2030 ——-> 2117 ( ‘and counting’) 2123 ———>

2117  2123

Saying  £300 per week is the sufficient “one-human-living”

Take the historical timeframe after WW2 

Britain was in a very real sense “having” to withdraw from its CVolonies.

Repairing Damage was also having to be done “yesterday” as was also “further Housing and Jobs-Creating.

The financial world also sped-ahead having to introduce more detailed levels of costing and pricing .

In short “Winning the Peace” became as hectic and pressurised as winning-the-war had been.

“So what ?”

Well, we needed to have more “Relaxation” and “Sanity-supporting” services

Key-Instantiation #1
–  We already had the world’s best guide to Human Movement efficacy and ‘rest’ therefrom,
in the shape of Rudolf von Laban’s life’s work
which had helped us to win in both the “Economic” and the “Dramatic” human-movement needs of WW2
and was set In Britain to continue in Peace-building functions


for some still-unknown “reason”
Britain “imported” such foreign “leaderships” and “therapies” as Tai Chi –
which deliberately excludes some of the essential human-movements,
that are wholly and wholesomely included in the eightfold foundation model
‘discovered, developed and published’ by Laban

(with the essential help of the true English Dartington Hall Elmhirst Family, too).

Current Key Instantiation #2

Also imported came Acupuncture .

Now, this “emergency medical-surgery-like treatment’
arose directly out of its Father-&-Mother namely
which is a longer-taking but much longer-effective and lasting “education”
than is the “quick-fix” but “invasive”Acupuncture successes

but Acupuncture does not have the human-lifespan’s need
for very-longest-term educational and self-healing-enabling as Acupressure.(2123)


So What ?

Centrally Key Instantiation #3


“Healthy Eating”
A whole cabbage would sell for (say) £1.00
Cut into four, and packaged in colourful plastic wrap it now sells for £0.50 per pack – total £2.00 per cabbage.

{ jsdm that’s actually “money-profit-added”  (even “profiteering-added”) rather than in the consumer’s need-sense of “nutrition-added” – isn’t it ?  }

Likewise with
“Fitness Training”

Your health and fitness can be “robusted”
[if it isn’t “energetically” ‘busted’]

Joining the Gymnasium
or better still

“The Life Centre”

where you’ll “pay through the nose”
but get no “from weakest and most impaired body-parts in stages enabling
right up through to Olympic Gold Medal Fitness.

And so on down the Insidious Slippery Slope into eventual if not “quick-fixed”
“body-as-well-as-bank – ruptcy”


How can our £300 one-human-living now ‘make-ends-meet’
when twice that won’t –
and neither does a bank-worker’s > £30,000 per week = 300 human-livings  ? ? ?


2117  2123