CONTINUING “Our Humankind Leaders” :- Dr Beata Jencks

please see correction of “Dweck, Caroline” to “Jencks, Beata-“

from the previous “lively-progressing train”

So our first self-exploration Beata calls Tired Walk
(deliberately walk slowly, fett-draggingly, sort of thing  –
whilst I (jsdm) remind “those who have ears-to-hear / eyes-to-see-with –

that “We humans lifelong need to be improving our self-movement abilities …”


Here we now imagine ourselves in our Ringed Round Tables “No-Lose Method III Cooperative Learning” Room
with its wall-shelves of “Vital Nature and Civilisational” Books –  }

We may bring to our Plenum administrative table, for instance, Laban’s Effort   

and for post-exploration discussion perhaps Six Thinking Hats [Dr Edward de Bono]


and thus we might “fumble our way along”
increasingly-occasionally finding ourselves
truly togetherly

1125 ——— break ———> 1159 f(or the 1200 change-over)


1159 ———–>

Now alternating not only between Knowledge and Know-How within Jencks’s guidance
but between Jencks’s guidance and another or Others’ Guidances.

Additional Note:
[ 1510 Sunday.  Dr  Caroline Dweck’s Mindset work is included
in our resolve to be “catching up with” our real life-leaders
using this “Self-&Civilisation Co-Sustainworthiering Movement” bunch-of-three Not-for-Profit, Power, nor Prestige e-sites (updated 1525 Sn 210118)


Between Jencks‘s Your Body
(i) Laban’s Effort

All we ‘need’ to do is use Laban’s four pairs of opposite human-movements to “qualify” Jencks’s “self-explorations”.

Laban domains pairs::
Direct (masculine)
Flexible (feminine)

Firm (Strong)(masculine)
Gentle (Light)(feminine)

Sustained (masculine)
Quick (feminine)

Bound (masculine)
Free-flowing/Fluent (feminine)

Jencks p 69
(a)  Tired Walking
{   jsdm:  Eliminate the ‘unlikelies’ as well as ‘spotting’ the probable elements –  }

Unlikely to be  Quick; nor Strong; nor tightly-controlled (Bound flow); nor very Direct

Likely to be
Space:  flexible
Weight   light/gentle
Time  sustained
Flow fluent.

Discussion using the 6 Thinking Modes [E. de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats :-

jsdm:  the usual sequence will be
(1) White hat  The Facts (i)  the external world’s or observer’s video-ing and/or impressions  (ii)  the performers (subjective) perceptions and ‘findings’.
(2)  Yellow hat:  All the positive, happy things in that self-explorational experience of timeslot of  “tired-walking”
(3)  Red hat:  individually sequentially
one’s Emotions during and now after the event
[no requirement to “justify” nor “explain” – just “puff-off” however your emotionality is.was being
(4)  Black hat:  the “risks” the “negatives”
(5)  Green hat:  the Creative possibilities therein and ‘there-from
(6) Blue hat:  arranging the sequence of “hats” for any next round of “coopertive-thinkings”.

1200 —–
since we don’t yet have even the beginnings of an online ‘equalistic’ conversation,
let alone discussion or ideally “co-learning”
“HQ”-here takes a break now (1210),
back up say 1455 for the 1500 change-over

– ok ?

‘Til Then

Happy Self-Exploring 

OK  1517 Sunday 21 01 18
I think I’ve corrected my mistake confusing  “Dweck” with our correct author
Dr Beata Jencks and her “tour-de-force” foundational-manual Your Body biofeedback at its best [without instruments, machinery and artificiality]