Our Sustainworthinessing Story

Our Sustainworthinessing Story

How it all began

Why it all began
What For  ?

Members joined iinto the Main-Threads of This Serious
“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement”
are further welcome to join in writing its



here beginning now too :-



Each,  and yet ancestrally long-ago, all of us as humans on this Planet Earth –  are still ‘advancing’ as  “homo sapiens sapiens” –
and each day awakening or being awakened to new scenes and scenarios, new facts and factors,
new insights and wisdoms, new additions to our already founded world-views
and to our knowledge and collective-knowledge-banks –

but are we being essentially-sufficiently awakened, awake, and pro-activational
in our “Know-Hows Progressing” for our own and children’s children’s  future as well ?

—– 0500 St 20 January 2018 ———— to be co-continued ————–

0600 —> 0610

  What is the Future ? 

The future we want is a possibly thousands-of-years  thrival-survival –

which “therefore” most-probably means
a “comfortably-frugal”
“Emergemcy EarthLife-Survival”

———– 1047 ———

We might note eartly on, too, certain details already published elsewhere –

from here-below  too e.g. today

Note:   There may always be “clashes” between our various “non-negotiabilities” 1048



learning-exploration to find ‘boxes”Tools’  [qua “reconnoitring”] 1108 ——> to put a ‘box’ around,
for instance personal-life autobiographicals;
and a box around “passing-peripherals”   1110