Our ‘Ringed’ Round-Table

See also our next “Let’s write our Sustainworthynessing Story”
Let us now be making preparation for actual face-to-face-to-face ‘Trio’ ‘Threesome’ or “3-People” meeting  –


Imagine a round-table just big enough for five people to be seated around.

The table has erasable rings on its upper surface,
and an imaginary “book turntable” in the very centre
to represent our Future-Peacefully-Reformed-Civilisation-Constitution ..0347.

Viualise three of us now seated at on such table, facing eaqch other, ready to begin co-constructing all the guidances we need to be within our ultimately New Sustainworthy & Sustainworthying Human-Civilisation Constitution – – –

———– break for self-and-surrounds maintenance 0350  ———–

1045 St 200118

Note:   There may always be “clashes” between our various “non-negotiabilities”