How Clarify “Our ‘Togetherness'” ?

Well, here it is midnight – and no responses  –

let’s leave it overnight-

This is a really tough-one –

very probably for every-one:  involved, non-involved, and uninvolved,  too..

From ‘scratch’ :
1. “Pulling oneself together” –
all of one’s Parts and 7-fold holistic-living domains {Physiological, Emotional, Mind-Functional, Environmental, Spiritual, “Sanctuary”, and Job.

2.  “Harmonising” with one’s nearest-neighbour(s) .

3.   Joining-In with one’s Democratic Constituency

4  But also avoiding going-along with the wrong people/organisations …

—————-  help me out with this one please someone  ————-

2311 we break until say Midnight (for a hot-drink here, for instance)

2359  checking for responses  –