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 My’ and “Our” Situation –

We still appear to be desperately short of a Common Longest Term Human-Race Strategy

and within that we need e-sites showing our Short and Longest-Term Common and Individually-‘Personal’ World-Views.

Vital, for instance, is for us individually and wholly-collectively
to become clear as to
“for whom and what Purpose” am I contributing my time, energies, money and trust here ?

At present, practically every-one’s energies, timeframes, and monies
are being “sucked into the upwards elite 100% owned vortex”
they are very-majorly all one-way ‘fed’ into one huge singularly one-way upwards-profits-vortex
supporting the very-few most powerful World-Ruling Elite

and their Self-Detachment Luxury Environments,
and “armies” of “flunkies” and armed-‘protectors’ and mercenaries
and their variously Upwards-Social-Mobility Luxury Lifestylings


However, There is a very small “wellness-building” community in Dorset
running an easily-affordable “immediate-environment-part-time maintenance-working” (thus ‘paying-for-your weekend “keep”)
/nterspersed by practical self-improvement educational enablements and self-exploring guidances
e.g. personal “movement improvent”,  group-moving-to-music, and guided-meditation with “restfulness” experiencing —”  –

“We”   –   “Serf-&-Civillisation Co-Sustainworthing ‘Movers’
here through this   http:lifefresh.net   and not-for-profit, power nor prestige support-sites

still need to be “mapping” our Part in Life and in our Human-Purpose on Earth  –

for instance, at this moment your author-publisher [ jsdm ]
having just completed such a week-end
notionally sees the dominant  Militantly Individual-Capiitalistic
“Live For Today For Tomorrow We Die” and
“No holds barred from top-down”
to be both Unworthy and Unsustainable

whilst on the “Make A More Sustainworthy Human-Race and Earth’s Lifesuppoprtive Environments” –

m decreasing mass-destruction of Earths’ Lifesupports
including drasticly reducing our major’ “harvesting” and over-consumption of other lifeforms  with literally “Mass-Weaponry” .-

So I fear the Dominant World Civilisation is destroying ouselves as well as most other Lifesupports on Earth;

and only (so far) Movements like that just experienced with small estate-community in Dorset,

and this wider all-round basis of “All-Round-Human-Movement improving and balancing
and Your Body biofeedback without Instruments -(in this http://lifefresh.net )
together with the Eight basic human-enabling movements as in Laban’s work Effort

and with the ‘No-Lose’ Cooperative Problem Solving Method II – in Dr Thomas Gordon’a Leader/Teacher/Parent Effectiveness Training 

we need to ‘recap’ regularly, to “guesstinate”
which organisations and individuals are helping to enable “us-others”

as individuals and as groups and whole populations of people
to be “Sustainworthying'” …

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