Utilising Self-Help Guidances

It may be ‘wise’ (more effective) to have two three or maybe even more complementary therapists*

I have a one-to-one Somatics therapist-educator;

Also a Holistic Living educatrix;

and a Shiatsu therapist.


  • * Therapy is here understood to be
    “anything  or anyone helping another person to heal their-self.
    Thus it is the distinct way of saying “non-invasively and subtly” healing-helping* another person or ‘client’* –
  • instead of being “treated” as a “patient”by the robust medical service (NHS).
  • ————
    **  There is really no such thing or person as a “healer”,
    for all anyone can do is help another person to heal-theirself:
    thus a person can only be a Healing-Helper – it is the “injured” person theirself who both consciojusly and unconsciously does the actual (self-)healing..
  • =============================
  • Since the life-essential for every lifeform –  and very especially for every human-being – is “self-movement / self-movability  –
    it behoves us to keep learning, throughout our life, how to move our own self easier, more effectively, less wastefully and less (unawarely) injuriously.
  • [See the Lists  via http://www.lifefresh.co.uk ;
    and http://www.one-human-living.com – in Basics pages ]
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  • Focally I am starting into
  • The Moving Researcher by Ciane Fernandes
    because it is a ‘multi-power-house’ of mind-instructional Knowledge
    and of Body-Practical Physiiological Self-Moving guidance –
    authorsending to ‘stick with’ the traaaaaditional single term “exercise”and “Exercises”
    which, following the Body-Mind-Centering work of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen
    and her ‘genius-prodigy’ Linda Hartley {Wisdom of the Body Moving  and  Somatic Psychology }
    comes across more easily as “exploration” –
    and of course “self-exploration”
    Perhaps in full – “Guided Self-Exploration”}
  • ———————
  • Thus, as we earlier explored with Beata Jencks’s
    Your Body – biofeedback at its best without instruments, machinery and artificiality
    the actual “instructions” and “practical-steps” given don’t start until quite deeply into the book (Chapter 4 and several pages on in that, too in Your Body) –
    so in The Moving Researcher [which I jsdm like to think of as also being “The Movement Searcher” ]
    the “exercises” perhaps begin-in-earnest on page 103 (chapter 3 began at page 91).
  • It is expedient for me to initial those words that I have originated to further-inform or ‘facilitate’ progress here.
    (jm: Breathing being a vital daily engagement for our self-monitoring-and-improving,
    today I ‘shared with my therapist’ the idea of co-exploring a breathing-improvemnt ‘time-slot’
    by alternately breathing “normal-pear-shaped’ – (the stem or  narrow-end uppermost)
    alternating with the pear being ‘upside-down’, stem bottom-most, underneath.

Steps:  (a) stem uppermost the breathing takes longest and ‘biggest’at the lower
end reducngly up to the lungs-full end where one has no pause, stop or hold, and continues fairly quickly-continuously ‘over the top’
and then breathing-out, top ‘deceleratingly and ‘biggerly’ to the bottom where one allows the full natural pause to take its place again …;

maybe one repeats this for a few minutes, to get the v”QWfeel” of it familiar.

one does the stem-underneath breathing -for a few minutes –
taking a full in-breath and maybe pausing at the top too before breathing out and speeding up at the bottom
to turn the breath around and ‘in’ again without  pausing  (thus the “bottom end” becomes the stem, thin end of the “pear”).

I should not share with you what the therapist gave me – – – – – –  simply because that’s his/her essential lifesujpportive living, and needs to be paid-for as such.

I bel;ieve I can share with you, ‘though,m what I shall be doing this coming week from the Ciane Fernandes book –

an d that will be “doing” (having read all about)
2.1  .Preparatory Exercises
[Remembering “Self-Exploring” – – – and therein also vitally-importanrly –  “within one’s own limits’ 

breaking for self-maintenance from 10 p.m.
and from 1030 p.m. awake or asleep in 90-minute timeframes + ‘dream-catching, recalling
and perhaps noting in my bedside journal

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