The “Bad Guys” and “The Bad Nations”

This not-for-profit, power nor prestige e-site is in some real-sense akin to “Wikileaks”

we show those worldwide-generic advances in Knowledge-&-Practical Know-How
for our Needs and vital individual-human-development
that our Governments and Other Authorities including Education in general are avoiding, excluding,
and “dog-in-manger” preventing us millions of general-people in the Worldwide-Lifeplace from exploring, learning, and doing

How are we to “judge” [or “guesstimate”]
the “Goodness” and the “Badness” of our humankind Nations ?


Facts and Factors have been coming through the Authorities Censorship and Cover-Up networks

e.g.  that British People are consuming five times their fair-share of the Earth’s lifesupports;
and Americans consuming nine-times their fair share –

That alone makes the Americans eight-times “Bad Guys”

and the British four-times “Bad” –

doesn’t it ?