“Our” first New-Year “breakthrough”

The technician has just pointed-out  (1723 Th 111018)
that once I  ( -your author/publisher here: JSDM) (1727)

has published this page “so far” (as jsdm is now practicing) 1728
I must not alter any of it


So if, for instance
I.m using “word-play” –
or right now have overlooked some spelling, and/or that missing single-inverted-comma for I’m —

“we” (the reader as well as ‘me jsdm’) need me to finish editing that before publishing it

============= so let’s let that be, and –>  “trust me, I am in learning-mode quite often, too” —–>  alright ?   [1737]


Today’s been positively ‘busy’ for me –

one “new-ism”* being “inter-looping”  –  (1740)  I know about “neologisms” too “trust me”
1745 bPAUSE please

{so instead of me going back and altering the spelling of inter-looping to “interloping”, I need to leave that {sort of like ‘worts-and-all’} and write it again correctly :-

 {[1740 Note:  one “new-ism” [sic] being inter-looping [sic] -[}

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXlet’s take a breather-break 1747   “see you later this evening say just before 9 pm” (1748 “XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX