We have submitted the following to Lord Soley’s ‘struggle’ in the
(“) Home-Education ‘versus’ -or- ‘cooperatively-with’ Schools Pedogoguery (“) national difficulty.

Lord Soley
10/01/2018 at 1:54 pm

Thanks for the constructive suggestions and the pointers to support networks which I will follow up.
I think we can see some areas for co-operation here. I have already been checking on the possibility of
making it easier/cheaper for HE children to sit exams. I am looking at other possible amendments but this is still ‘work in progress’.
I know that many commentators believe I am against home education and will go on believing that regardless of what I say
so there is little point in spending more time on that point but I simply re-state that I have always been in favour of the right to home educate.
I am still concerned that so many ‘objectors’ to my Bill seem to think that there are no problems in this areas
and all could be solved if schools were better. In my view, that is not the case. For example, when children are taken out of school
and then put back in again there can be many and varied reasons why this happens and we cannot rely on the parent
simply spotting the various assistance models that are available.
I also think there is still a naïve belief that all parents who take their child out of school do it in the best interests of the child.
I have too much experience in my own life to believe that everyone’s behaviour is totally altruistic.
That can lead to horrendous mistakes –
think Jimmy Saville and the belief by millions of people that his behaviour was totally altruistic.
I have dealt in the past with abusing parents – it is a very challenging area of human behaviour
and not some simple and easy matter to deal with.
The same is true for radicalisation.
Finally I have no part in deciding what posts go on this site.
That is for Hansard not for me
and like all administrators of sites they have rules which are published on the site.

10/01/2018 at 3:06 pm
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
Please don’t forget that still “insidiously underlying and overshadowing”
the whole of World Civilisations’ Progress and Education Sectors’ Fitness-for-Purpose, is the
(1) Continued “militantly economic-growth-aggressive slaughtering”
of this Earth’s Lifesupports themselves, and of millions of human-lives annually
(2) the lack of distinction between
(i) “training & skilling-for-the-(40-hour/week) militantly-competitive jobs-&-careers Workplace” –
which has increasingly become the Main and Exclusive Focus of schools and universities;
(ii) “education into-sustainworthy lifestyling and enablements for personal-efficiency in the Lifeplace (128 hrs/week).(3) The UN and UK constitutional-hostility – and thereupon the ‘Education’ Sector’s inhibition
of All-Round and in some “depth” Individual Human Development exclusivity
towards both Individual and Group Holistic-Living -&-Health-Building subjects
such as “Self-Knowledge and Self-Control Know-How” [“Your Body” by Beata Jencks]
and against potential- faculties such as Somatics,
should foundationally have long ago become.

Your lordship, there is much more …
but it is to be hoped that the above shows a serious part of our whole Human Predicament –
and,  as Factors,  will be kept “clamped-to-the Scrutiny and Legislation tables”
until they have been cooperatively and completely “win-win-win” Resolved..