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” Be Holden A Pale   to banbury’s  cross

The predicament
that both our Human-Race
our Lifespports provided by this Earth
need to be facing as “together” as possible –
is the ultimate one of

There are many published Reports of the Facts & Factors
and of Guidances for Solution-Constructing.

It is up to “you” and “me” – and groups of us together –
to set about ongoing-seriously discussing, even urgently-scrutinising
our Predicament
and to begin using the published Facts & Factors, and the Guidances & Leaderships
that are at hand
and are ready to be brought onto our “Cooperative Round Tables” for us to comprehend and prioritise.

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  2. Lord Soley
    Lord Soley
    20/12/2017 at 5:41 pm

    If you think there are no problems for ALL children in home education then I think you are dangerously naive. So I repeat, my aim is not to get some heavy handed regulation but to help those who need help and to protect that small minority of children who are at risk.
    One of the ways you could all help is to suggest ways in which parents wanting to home educate but finding it difficult could be helped. Could those of you who are doing well be of help here? Do you have an organisation which could be approached to help?
    The Bill will go into committee stage probably in February and I will be looking at amendments at that time. Any suggestions?
    Finally I do not moderate this site – I did set the blog up about 12 years or more ago but it is not regulated by me. If your remarks are not offensive or excessively long then they are likely to be published.
    I hope to arrange a meeting in January for those who object and will give more details in the New Year.
    Meanwhile seasons greetings to you all.
    Lord Soley

    • Lord Blagger
      20/12/2017 at 10:09 pm

      So if an organisation is crap at teaching, damaging the child, should they be banned?

      Or is it as I suspect when the state damages kids, its all ok, just if the state think parents are doing it?

      It’s the same argument as Charlie Gard.

      Here the hospital decides not to treat. So the hospital goes to court to stop the parents from taking their child else where for treatment. The child is to be left to die.

      What does the state do? It appoints a lawyer for the child that is an advocate for euthenasia.

      You couldn’t make it up, but its real.

    • Amie Miles
      22/12/2017 at 12:43 pm

      In response to your further clarification there are several organisations who advise. They take calls to offer support and information to parents who come into Home Education. I am happy to provide those to you, however the question is why the council’s who are legally charged with offering this support, but are not. Instead many people face a postcode lottery, whether they get the correct advice and support is always based on if the council know the correct legal terminology and have set aside a trained professional who knows the scope of the law at present.

      I volunteer at one of the home educating organisations and I found that there were influxes of parents who felt alone and scared because the council do not offer there support, they don’t have a list of local groups and other parents who also educate their children from home and they don’t stay within their remit. This means that councils create a hostile working relationship which many parents cannot and will not work with. Their is a lot of importance in the working relationship between parents and the council in home educating. Those who feel they need support need only ask an organisation or a Facebook group in their area for help. There is a support structure of intelligent and experienced parents out their helping others.

      Never have I ever come across as much support than the home educating community. I have found friends and community spirit with in that support network which understandably Lord Soley you will not have yet experienced. When Tony Blair said he wanted everyone to think ‘big community’ we did, in fact we were the first to be attacked by those who thought that being community based was ‘dangerous’ and a risk to the child because it is not monitored enough. Trust in the big community – the home educating community, one of the largest communities in the UK and in fact the world. There are no commercial heads of home educating and there isn’t a hierarchy of responsibility based on monetary gain, thus every home educator is responsible for their own sub-set of standards, self monitoring and research. You may perceive that as risky, but what we see as more risky is a council who are already overstretched have already been proven corrupt and neglectful taking charge in monitoring a sub-set of people who to date have not had a single case of neglect attributed to them!

      Can you therefore see why the anti has been raised against your bill, it comes across as presumptuous, based from scaremongering hearsay instead of facts. What is needed is a logical factual law based on information gathered. So the law needs to be refined in setting out what is expected by councils when encountering a home educator,not; demanding proof, reports, photographic evidence and being forceful in their new relationship with a parent. It does not make them out to be supportive nor informative, in fact the local authorities who are leaders in being supportive work closely with their home educators to provide a better service to newcomers. The councils who are renowned for overstepping the mark cannot even get the correct terminology using ‘home schooling’ in place of ‘elective home education’, they threaten parents and in many cases tell parents is it ‘illegal’ to educate a child from home. In the last 3 weeks I have met home educators across 5 counties and always find at least 1 in each county who is a foster/adoptive parent, helping the child in their best interests to find themselves develop a strong sense of self before approaching there academic potential. You will find that the initial accusations you made were very hurtful to the community and if this bill in the way it is worded and presented gets through it will divide the country and force home educating into being more secretive much like the Salem witch trials, home educating parents who want to be good will show up and sign the paperwork but be forced back to schools so councils don’t have to monitor them thus save on funding the education department, and those who you feel are not doing it ‘the right way’ will be more evasive and hide the children further. In safeguarding you will find that the children who have come to harm were either under 5 when they came to the attention of the authorities or they were hidden in schools throughout the country and continued to go unmonitored.

      The links for the most popular support organisations are numously listed in the better local authorities pages however the links for yourself are;
      – http://educationalfreedom.org.uk/
      – http://www.home-education.org.uk/
      – https://www.heas.org.uk/
      – https://www.educationotherwise.org/

      I’m also going to provide you with my local authorities website link so you can see the help and advice the policy (which is in line with the law) and the information that any new home educator would see on their site. Note the website has clearly offered support and help contact information as well as sources of information from a couple of the links above.

      May I finish by saying Lord Soley that you only needed to ask for this information, presuming that your sources were factual and correct was an oversight, trust instead int he growing popularity of Home Education to show you that it is a supportive loving and helpful community group, which offers a better choice to most parents across the UK than that of a hostile state school environment that many schools deem ‘apt’. I’d also like to point out the growing use of home education to get around the new ‘fine’ situation of parents going on holiday or take a sick child to hospital, it is a trend that has been ‘forced’, and many will forget that school summer holidays were put there because parents removed children from school to harvest the fields many years ago. It has never before been the schools duty to over-rule the parent in their decision for educational provision. It is increasingly highlighted in the news that parents are being punished for taking a grieving child from the school, I think we need to as a community look into this culture and perhaps change that mentality returning the emotional well being and educational responsibility to the parent as the state school records to date show a decline in popularity.

      Turn the situation on it’s head and compare this to a corporate situation the state school education (or Tesco in a supermarket scenario) held 80% of the market place, now it has fallen to 60% popularity with home education on the rise (which could be seen as the underdog Asda). Market competition is healthy for it increases quality and standards, rather than turn on home education questioning why, look at the provision that state schools have and ask them why? You maybe surprised as to why flocks of people feel that the quality of education is not fit for purpose anymore.

      • Soohie
        22/12/2017 at 7:11 pm

        100% agree with this.

      • 08/01/2018 at 11:07 pm
        Your comment is awaiting moderation.How do you distinguish Skills-Training for an efficient ‘fit-for-purpose’ Job/Career in the Workplace (40 hrs per week) –
        and Enablements-Educating for Longest-Term sustainworthiness in the Lifeplace. (128 hrs per week) ?There is a very serious and already Earthlife-Destroying Conflict in insidious but ‘traditionally-historical progress’, betwixt the World-Politico-Economic Workplace and the Whole-Human-Civilisations’ & Peoples’ Lifeplace.Our Overarching British Education System’s universities and schools ‘existentially-deny-by-exclusion’ many good and authoritative advances in Individual Human Development Knowledge and Practical Know-How; thus causing huge shortfalls in Lifeplace-Sustainworthy enablements as well as in Workplace Fitnesses-for-Purpose efficiencies.Make your own check through some lists of these ‘ignored’ and thus virtually ‘outlawed’ life, education, work and skilling advances, via not-for-profit, power nor prestige e-sites
        http://www.lifefresh.co.uk ;
        http://www.one-human-living.com ;
        and http://lifefresh.net
        as well as my approx 600 previous submissions-with-source-references, published by this Lords of the Blog e-site.
        Our Earthlife and Human-Race & Civilisation Predicament is so enormously over-burdening and under-cutting both each individual human-being and whole Populations organisations, that “School-Training versus Home-Education” is but a minor ‘band-aid’ issue and a urobic “red-herring” divgerting us from seeing and tackling the causative greater Issues.