The predicament
that both our Human-Race
our Lifespports provided by this Earth
need to be facing as “together” as possible –
is the ultimate one of

There are many published Reports of the Facts & Factors
and of Guidances for Solution-Constructing.

It is up to “you” and “me” – and groups of us together –
to set about ongoing-seriously discussing, even urgently-scrutinising
our Predicament
and to begin using the published Facts & Factors, and the Guidances & Leaderships
that are at hand
and are ready to be brought onto our “Cooperative Round Tables” for us to comprehend and prioritise.
======= ……. =======
If we are serious about “owning our predicament equally”  –
then we will start regularly and frequently meeting face-to-face as “neighbours”
to understand the Facts and Factors
and to constructively discuss “what next”
and to see what priorities need to be set

and none of us will continue thinking 
“It’s not my problem”
“That’s somebody else’s job”
“It’s above my pay grade”
“It’s beneath my dignity”  “I’ve done my bit”.
“I’ve voted for the [Private-Party] to take care of all that sort of thing”
“It’s none of our business now
“God’ll see us through””

The matter continues time/date-wise downwards
======== begun Monday early morning v=========== 

Our virtual “Round Table” may be utilised for this purpose:

Pre-paring all sources on a general table (square perhaps),
our Round Tables’ rings can be used to progress
[and also to ‘otherwise sort’ such as Physiiologicals from Mind-Functionals and Environmentals ]
numbers of non-fiction sources
according to their Importance & Urgency to be brought into our “knowing-or-learning” and “daily-doing” use.

Some sources may be progressed quite quickly without much scrutinising
whilst many do need extensive selecting   e.g.
The Knowledge
[How To Rebuild Our World After An Apocalypse: (‘The Sunday Times best-seller’)] by Dartnell :_

Although “we all know” that
(i) you can’t judge a book by its cover nor its back cover  {it needs to be ‘gone through’ first} which is what we need to do, too.
(ii) that Knowledge needs to be put into appropriate action rather than “mindfully-sitting-on-iy”-
(iii) we need to “mindfully cut-out’ those parts that are “disinforming”, “leading-astray or ‘up-the-garden-path”” or plain “wrong”,

Cooperatively Participatory Sorting-into-Lists and Priorities :
Published Sources of
Knowledge [Descriptions in Words and Pictures=Only]
Practical Know-How [Guidances through the practical steps to be taken, and “How-to” instructions }

1615 Monday 080118
We could start by taking a number of short and clear guides, together with excerpts from longer works
so that we can follow progressively and fairly swiftly –

Relaxercise with diagrams of successive movements,
is a good example of “straightaway starting to progress in self-and-mutual better-own-life enablement”.

Viewing non-fiction documentaries and videos such as
How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth

Kinship With All Life   ( Boone gives us an insight into how to begin a life-cooperative relationship even with Ants in one’s home )

————- time out for self-maintenance and for  “catching-up homework”  1633  ————