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e.g. “Side-Sources” need to be up-to-datgingwise-scrutinised and ‘de-bugged’ including “picking on peccadilloes” “splitting hairs”
(1)  Reading – The Self-Care Revolution :  .
Quick Critique
Her back cover already gives us a good comprehensive ‘Body Wheel’ as a toolkit –
i    Sleep, Rest, Relaxation & Breathing
ii   Movement & Nutrition
iii   Coping Skills
fails to give us (a) the best up-to-date Movement leaders as well as “conflating” Nutrition with Movement 
(b) ( jm “nit-picking”) fails to show us that the mind-functionally correct term a propos the  human-energies is “energicly”,and not the common-but-wrong “energeticly”

iv (there about eight altogether) We need to “skip” forward ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Sorting our Sources

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0200 today (Monday 08 January 2018) ‘we’ start into

Ciane Cervantes The Moving Researcher  [Foreword by Regina Miranda]
Laban Bertanieff Movement Analysis in Performing Arts Education and Creative Arts Therapies

we have previously recognised that every human-being is
(i) ‘prematurely born
(ii) born with a full [but ‘dominantly-empty’] complement of brain-cells, but needing to learn {and by being ‘taught’] how to move in order (a) to survive ….
(iii)  evolutionarily-handicapped in natural-movement (” …our feet have become ‘platforms’ upon which to walk’ … Desmond Morris The Naked Ape)..

and that moving is also very largely “learned acting – a ‘performed-art’ – thereby becoming a life-supportive “role” or “character-part in a play or cumulative series of ‘plays'”
0212 [break for self-maintenance, (and to record the remainder of The White Princess from TV channel 20 (freeview) Drama]

it also becomes clear that Laban “got it right” –

long before we had to rescue him from Hitler’s Nazi torture
[and be supported by the UK Devonshire Totnes Dartington Hall owners, the Elmhirst family …]

in “dichotomising” human-movement into “Economical” and “Dramatic” –
from which ‘we’ can further begin resolving ceratin problems by seeing the “economical” branch as being of primary use to the Workplace [40 hrs/week]-
whilst the “dramatic is necessary for the Lifeplace [128 hrs/week]
(end jm)
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The Moving Researcher – [copywright 2015]  now

(Back cover):  ” This comprehensive book will serve as a step-by-step guide to … Movement Analysis;
updating and expanding concepts and practices.”
“… this book explains movement principles, exercises, and motif symbols in detail. …”

[break again incl to find an ‘exercise’ to ‘begin-with’ /// 0240

============ 0258 Here will be some hints for carrying out the exercises ====== page 103 “Allow the air to execute the movement …”============