World Situation : recap 2015 Sunday 07 January 2018

In a real sense, our Human Race’s Natural and Civilisational Progresses are increasingly,
and still very ‘imperceptibly, even insidiously,
“stumbling”, creating ‘slippery-slopes’ ,

and avoiding preparing for the increasingly on-rushing
“shortages-of-all-round-wholesome and sufficient necessities and lifesupports”
and ,


Such is our Predicament
that both our Natural Lifesupports and our Civilisational Infrastructures and Constitutional Intentions

need compatibly “refreshing”.

One major part of such refreshment must surely be
the renewed enablement of citizens and members of all organisations –
and especially of all of their leaders and commanders –

to start proactivatingly learning and doing each and ultimately all
of the new Knowledge and Know-How
that is being discovered – and has lpng also been being published –

  • but is still being woefully neglected.

[Lists of some of these neglected advances can be glimpsed,
and printed-out, from voluntary not-for-profit sites
such as this one

and  – “Basics” pages ..


It makes very cool sense to not wait for the Civilisation to start learning and better life-enabling “from the top-down’ –

but to one-self begin to “peacefully-revolutionise” one’s self –

and there are plentiful guidances affordably available ( as just indicated in the Lists visible vis the above websites.)


That is what this site is committed to,

‘sharing along with’
“who-so-ever hath ears to hear, let them hear”  .

———– and at the same time continuing with and adding to, the sustain-worthy best of the “Old” ————