The Value of “Our” Media


  •  is fast one-way irreversibly destroying the lifesupportive forests of this Earth-
  • simply to literally “waste” encyclopedia-sized, bulky, and heavy “daily papers”
    to billions of people most of whom can neither read all the pages they have to pay for – (and have to to throw away into the waste bin next day) –
  • nor comprehend sufficiently to respond democraticly.-
  • Civilisation itself is destroying our essential lifesupports.


LBC Radio-

  We’ve sent a long British and World Human Civilisation Predicamant email
to general LBC a week ago (no response/ no acknowledgement from LBC)

and just now at 2150 today responded on an  LBC fill-in form
to the ‘Nancy Beresford “Sex” [‘agony-aunt] “Show” –
containing real-world questions of how our lives, and personal lives, are being affected by our Civilisation’s and its ‘Leaders’ failures –
Lack of NVQ skilling for “the oldest profession in the world” {prostitution; Sex-Industry Workers),
British , and United Nations, failre to provide Lifeplace education  and Workplace training,
in Somatics, Method III Cooperative Problem Solving, and Sex & Relationships Lifeplace Education”

our submissions are factual-predicament responses to LBC Radio Matters.