The Human Essentials – a possible “distance group” sequence

The Human Essentials – a possible “distance group” sequence.

Self-Movement is not the ‘healthily-competitive-free-choice-and-property” of every individual human-being –
it is the absoluite essential for every lifeforn on this Earth –

and each one of us puts at least our-own-self at peril if we “miss out” any of the human essential movement-enablements, 

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MAINLY -Quoting Knowledge and Know-How from leading Human Development workers’ publications  ;
(1.1) Effort (Laban & Lawrence);
Laban For All  (Newlove & Dalby);

(2.1) The Busy Person’s Guide to Easier Movement (Wildman);
Relaxercise  (Bersin, Bersin & Reese);

(3.1) Six Thinking Hats ( Bono);    Sn  1705
How To “Win” Every Argument (Pirie);
(4.0) DVDs, CDs, and similar inputs from participants ‘cuts’ from TV, Radio etcetera
( 4.1)  How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth (D. Attenborough [host to younger scientists and environmental workers] ) ;
Doomsday 2210  (various scientists and environmental workers)

Now while we are at it this second-time, we might as well try to
‘press’ or  ‘glide’,  ‘squeeze’ or  ‘float’, ‘slash’ or ‘flick,’ and ‘thrust’ or ‘dab’
our way  ahead
[thus attempting the Laban four pairs of essential human-movement opposites]
In the ‘lost’ part were many £here-and-now- how to prepare to move,

and quotes thereto from e.g. Wildman *Go slowly”; (jm paraphrased  —>) “Find but stay comfortably within your Limits”; Before you start an actual physiological (bodypart) movement, imagine it small, gentle, flexible, light, and sustained – butif possible also slowly reversible; ……..

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