And –

needing to be

alternatmg –

between one’s-self and one’s therapist(e)  –

etc etc etc

meanwhile …


finding one’s own disability, impairment, weakness
agony/pain/discomfort  source

and self-fumbling
for a way of
self-remediating –

self-acupressuring or -palpating – – –  –   –   Human-Movement-overarchingly [and under’pinningly’] – and “How” ?

“Slowly” might quite acceptably be described as “sluggishly”   or
we might move “mouse-like”, possibly
because  ( mice can move both slowly & small-ly  and sustainedly  … ? – we all know

that a mouse moves quickly and ‘flowingly’ ‘though each leg is sort of ‘flickingly-jerking’ along

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