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“The “Self-Pleasuring” Craze is already ‘blazing a trail’ – –
pleasuring must be
both preceded
and interspersed
by pain-impairment-&-disability
(own self-parts both awarely-sensing and deliberately careful care-ing-touching)

 “Disturbationally”;  “On Declaring ‘=W ore=’; ; . . “And… it’s over to you ….]”

A part of your body has gradually been ‘growing’ an “itch” –
but your scratching of it is pleasurable –  quite often extremely and intensely so,  —

but the “nice itch” becomes a more and more “sore” –

I’m (“we’re, for the time being) calling this a “Disturbation Sindrone Problem”

On declaring “Whore”

“Prostitution is the oldest trade in the world” –
apart from  “No, it bloody-well is NOT !” –
the prevailing fact today that
it doesn’t even have a Level One NVQ trade-qualification

should have long ago disqualified it from being a “Trade”.

By being so deliberately “dirty”,”jerky”, “wanky” ,”and injuriously blow-jobby”
it is in effect “at war” with both our human-health and our human-development


“Media’s Unforgivably-Ongoing Paper Criminality”

 Although we have long known “You can’t trust everything you read in the newspapers”
and that
[“]  Life on Earth is being extinction-threatened by Overkills including Deforestation *to make paper) [“]

not only is the whole world’s Dominant and Grossly-Profiteering Media Industry
daily dumping millions of tons of spin-doctored “news & information” and “paper-poop”
on those “patriots” and “economically-dutiful-consumers”
buying it –

but is also “giving all of us, in this together,   a ‘Democratic-Truth Profit’,  from the massive ‘re-cycling’ of it all”

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