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from (date at foot 10 September 2017}

The “Fact-Afoot” -ness of our Human-Race

One clear afterthought to our “workplace-helping-lifeplace prospect” might be that

in view of the  “Earth and Human-World Predicament” –

toned varyingly by “our own life-experiences” –

it might sometimes be quite expedient to “share life-loops” –


as distinct from “networking professional ‘loops’.

Our relationship for instance is
“Workplace” – you
“Lifeplace” – me.
And –

I “live” –  and  thereby “come”-   with accrued “life-guidances and sources -“






and so on and so forth –

which nonetheless also come as the “sine-qua-non’ or “non-negotiable” essentials
that I am proposing (already) for a –

“New and Sustainworthying Civilisation’s radically-reformed Consitutional
foundation of Knowledges-&-Know-Hows”.

Making our “Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying”
is primarily-essentially a “Lifeplace” cooperatively-multi-way-participatory need,

and NOT a “Workplace” competitively-one-way-directive
and ‘let-the-weak-go-to-the-wall’ “profiteering” one.

So we are thinking of putting on a regular series of “Round-Table Egalitarian Explorations”
beginning with such a focal-conversation topic as

 “How might we best improve the longest-term future “sustain-worthy-ness” of our own personal self,
compatibly with and prerequisitely to
also making our whole Human-Civilisation-on-Earth longest-term “sustainworthy-ing? ” –

and I would hope meetings and enablement-practice-times could be run
not just in … (a ‘donated’ venue)  but wider in “neutral” and more “not-for-profit, power nor prestige” venues,
such as a municipal library, a school, or a university  hire room
for meetings and  “new-enablements learning and practicing”.

Each participant would be asked to come with some ‘objective’ material to be ‘unanimously –progressed” –
via the round-tables – into the “New Sustainworthy Constitution”
and for the better “thrival-survival” human-race that might “grow” within and from it
(perhaps akin to the “Transitions” progress we now see “growing” all around the world).

I as a “member” do not yet “exist” – I do not wish to become nor be made a “name”.

I expect in reality only  the Purpose and founding-body should  be publicly named..

Once (let us say) our first threesome steering-table has established itself –
which would need to include forming further threesome-tables inter-actively too –
an Association should be registered
and any of our names would then be publicised
simply in service of the office or ‘position’ one has committed to.


My input will include sources and guidances listed in my three not-for-profit, power, nor prestige e-sites ;

www, ; ;


The whole world, and especially this Living Earth, is in something of an “extinction-threatening process” –
and none of us not even the dying in terminal-beds and on “battlefields” and “Colateral-damage-places”
can escape the ‘Fact-Afoot-ness’ of this Earth Life or Death Predicament..

That is why I am publishing this matter now,
and sending you the very first copy of it, ‘uncorrected – ‘worts-and-all’ –

Yours sincerely,  xxxxxxxx .

0037 monday 10 September 2017


As well as the already-forecast imminent Money-Crash worldwide;

and a likely WW3 over –  “triggerly” as well as “Longterm-Strategicly”drinking-water availability;

How Many People Can Live On Panet Earth
has warned us about our failure to see that our own “multiplication”
coincidentally ongoing with this Earth’s reducing capacity to “carry”
so many literally “Destructive” human hands, mouths
and over-killing technological machinery and weapons,

is a “Cry of Distress”
from  Life on Earth  –
from our own Humankind’s “Not-Bio-Fitness-for-Purpose”
and from our “God-of-Earthlife andTechnology”
over our
Humankind’s “Lack-of-Workplace-Skills and even worse Lack of Lifeplace Enablements

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