Re: Rest-time ‘surprise-“visitations”‘ -‘

in the middle of my “munching” break
 an ‘idea-wave’ carried a thought across my mind
(and out the other side –  just a bit like “In One Ear And Out The Other’)

so both for my and ‘our’ sakes the idea needs to be share-published  a.s.a..p  to you-all –

I “lost” it, and within seconds any hint as what it might have been –
but a minute or so later , the ‘clue’ seemed to be close and ‘in-waiting’ –
and the word came as I hastened to sit at ‘our’ life-enablement computer –

and pick up any ‘writable’ (this time a green felt-tip, nearly dry) to jot that “2nd-visitation” clue-word

“mindset” –

the ‘thought-train-in-reverse’ then began to spasmodically try to “re-visit” :-

Now ‘we’ have said in previous posts
(i) Most still-leading published work still “needs” ‘forwards-up-fitnessing’/”up-dating”

For Instance:here,
the still-leadingly excellent and foundationally comprehensive work published by author Beata Jencks
Your Body – biofeedback at its best without instruments, machinery or articiality

which introduces us to many “inner and very private” details of our-self,
including “warningly”

“Altered States of Consciousness” –  ASCs

——– it becomes clear suddenly that [as the initial Visitation ‘told’ me] –
“Christmas and The New Year are full of ASCs –
many being “for better or worse”  ‘traditional’ –
but maybe many more are shamelessly
“socially-cerebrally (celebratally or celebratingly)
– opportunisticly-mindset-altering ( “ASMs”)
but for purely-Supply-Side profiteering-purposes …
{  continuable   }

======================0050 =========================

As we sober-down into the “Prosperous New Year”
it will “occur” to an increasing number of us
that not only our Consciousnesses and Mindsets may have been imperceptibly-cunningly altered 

but so might our own very “Private” World-Views

and well-established Habits …—————->0043  [break]