On “Peacefully Sustainworthying Our Selves and Neighbourhoods”

We’ve being “privately-preparing” our very own Body-Emotions-Mind-Environment and Spirit
and that new life-task (being also our still ongoingly personal ” ‘this’ new-world-making preparation”)

needs to be “co-made” into a neighbourhood(s) life-sustainworthying cooperative effort.


Seriously, our immediate Neighbourhoods,
many sub-divisible into “sub-neighbourhoods” even ideally also into “sub-sub-neighbourhood trfios”
need a “Central Generic Life-Sustainwsorthying Association “


and these need to be Foundationally “Holistic Health and Neighbourliness Building” –

but let us skip forward a stage or two –

and look at “emulating” the FreeviewTV  4+ “Naked Attraction” – [see Notes below]
cooperatively-participatively modifying it, of course, according to our membership-ranges, needs, and abilities –

————————– over to you ——————–


The woman TV host
(who a few years ago with maturely buoyant leadership hosted an educational sex- ‘panorama’ of bodies ans focally sex-parts, on open TV)
again leads up 100% trustingly and uninhibitedly [but ever congruously-tastefully and truthfully] –

I’ll recline regularly –
and most of our readers already know the new-standard 90+10 minutes sleep-cycle
which both begins and is interspersed every 90 minutes and ended with remember-able, recordable, and ‘analysable’ Dreaming –

  •  so that’s what I’ll be doing starting ‘on the dot’ at 0300 –
    —–  0240  ——

-then before daylight I’ll take some quotes from this evidently-educational ‘show” and show them here

Non-wasting briefly serious  introductory texts only please,  to

John 07936035565