New Members and “nom-de-plume’ Arrivals

We are a world-wide and Space Memership –

Welcome to Dramatherapy :-

2326 ‘deluiges’ from TV – LBC ‘talk’ is c/f essential,
but it becomes a very heavy load after only a few minutes –
not its fault,
just that we need to take-it-in but ‘in-company’,  in “watchdog-listening”-groups –

but I’ve have also slept ……. and done a ‘tolerable’ amount of “our” ‘self-skinning -‘ — but Monday’s over 2359 we go to a new post  tomorrow T 03 01 18 ^  ^  ^
and less-sustainworthy or sustainworthying entries could be forewarned in yellowish colour
and shortly after moved “out of sight” on to a relevant other page, or to a separate  PAST POSTS page