“Sanctuary”-Interimly (2030 “marking-time” with FreeviewTV 732 BBC LBC – “Leading Britain’s Conversation” (sound only)

whilst my refreshment ‘watery-lemonade-sandwich’ is still ‘going down’ –

if you’re quick, you may also like to {test-out]

(i)  left-over onion-&-garlic-dip smearings mixed with some own-personal-urine –as a glans-penis-tip, or anal gentle-fingering  lubricant –

————- 1845 ———–

or not

{ – but let us continue true to such “sustainworthying” reconnoitring
such a ‘home-made lubricant
is surely sustainworthily-“better”‘ than
a bought’n bottle of “appropriate  (e.g Naissance Relaxing Massage) Oil  — ?       ?       ?

——— O, ‘sorry’  –
we’re intending to be back to round-off the below 2018 Life-Enablement post
by (say) approx 2030
(8 p/m to still give some of us 30 minutes to prepare for, and be in,
bed –

by the 9 p.m.
“co-hypnogical body-mind-spirit sharing
co-holistic resting-dreaming &sleeping & retensioning hypnopompic
“co-lucid-dreaming-and-proactively being – – – –
“togethering” timeframe )


We’ll try and to put up a lasi-minute ‘signal’ for every such

“To the Gathering-Place-Time Now Please”   =
Thanks to Our-Goss’s*
“Whole-Re-Humanising Participants to your Correction-Points now please”

*Mr Goss was the longstanding and  well loved Senior Radiographer at UK Plymouth’s WW2 Greenbank Central Hospital


 take care

whilst we now break away into a “High Noon” like musing ? ——– 1907 out Monday 2029 Freeview BBC LBC