Life-&-Spirit-Essential ‘sanctuaries’/’pauses’/’times-out

We need to ‘ongoing-sustainworthily’ be planning and performing
( jsdm recalls the Major Flitton family Pat & Mary in Moascar Egypt 194Ts whose sub-cultural background had them thinking of “coitus” as “performing”)
together –

thus our main 128 hrs/week Lifeplace-Co-Enabling
{our ‘off-duty’ equivalent to the Employers’ 40 hrs/week Workplace Skilling)

needs to include “breathers” “shut-eye-minutes” “chores-timeframes” and “self-refreshing time-slots and ‘slits’-

  • Life-&-Spirit-Essential ‘sanctuaries’/’pauses’/’times-out


The ‘JSDM’s 7-fold Holistic Living Model
[see Reminder below]
(once ‘taken-on-board’, practiced, trialled, and brought into progressive implementation)

is a pre-requisite “real and present help (to avert “danger”)”
to both our “New”
Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying,
and [NB  ~ & ]
to the still-over-dominating
Top-Down Beneficent-Oligarchical Blindly-Wasteful-and-Insidiously-Life-Threatening Elite World-Governance Quorum  –


such a 7=Fold model not only contains
as its 6th (sixth) domain
“No-Fault Sanctuary-Now”, but
5 (five) other “Lifeplace Domains
a 7th (seventh) domain strictly separated for all Workplace factors

thus adding true “Wholism” to our Civilisational and Personally-Co-Individualfoundationing, implementing,
and (co-)personal practicing leading on to progressively-collectively performing

  • .
    7-fold Holistic Living Reminder:  i.  Physiologicals  2 Emotionals  3 Mind-Functionals  4  Environmentals  5 Spirituals  6  “Sanctuary-Now” [time-outs/no-fault-pauses/breaks]