1734 for 1800 Monday ? Ready to go on ?—>Earth as Our “SS DD Ship-of-Life”

1800 continuing Back to Life-Co-Enabling ‘Prep’ Now

Primarily we are Animals 
7 (seven) Divinely Innate Human Energies preceded our
(immediately) below)”uniquely-intellectual” realisation of a 7-Fold Holistic Human Living Model.

They are also “natural-evolutionary-wise” life-sequential (“growing-up”) essential

 and were being human-civilisationally-separately “discovered and applied” for successive millennia by the Peoples that we now know as
Indian (Hindu, Buddhist … )
namely  the 7 (seven) “Chakras”), Jewish (Sefirots) , Muslim (Chakras), and Christian (Sacraments) –

 and have very ‘recently’ also been “scrutinised” and “backed-up”
by modern socio-scientific research and the  life-practicing “findings”
of “somato-psychologico-pastoral Teams and Individually-Advancing Workers
broadly-and-in-depth such as
Wilhelm Reich, Carl Gustav Jung, Rudolf Laban,
David Boadella, Caroline Myss, Moshe Feldenkrais,
Amy & Arnold Mindell
‘et al’ (‘and Others’)

– if you ‘go’ to the Lists given in www.one-human-living.com and www.lifefresh.co.uk
they will show much of  this published  broad ‘spectrum’ of “Life Knowledge and Know-How” as facts and practical guidances)


“On The Great Ship ‘SS DD’ ”  

As one further practical-science worker
(and “statesmanlike” life-harmonising person,
possibly also a sustainworthy or sustainworthying  ’emulable Life-liver’)

Dr Claire Weekes advises us in Help For Your Nerves  –

(“)These ‘DIY’ self-remediations, based on four successive stages
of Life-Fatigue 
as contrasted with Clinicly-Psychiatric “Depression”
are SS but DD {simple to see and to say  – but difficult-to-do }
At first comes Physiological Fatigue –
which if not remedied  ‘insidiously’ develops into
Emotional Fatigue
in turn which if not remedied develops into
Mind Functional 
(sic as ‘Mental’) Fatigue
and ‘one leg is already slipping down into the grave’

in turn, but somewhat “finally” develops into
Spiritual Fatigue
with both legs sliding down into the grave  . . .


7-fold-Holistic 6th-domain “sanctuary” pause

“You are following this, aren’t you ?”

—————-for 1800 —————>
Let us attempt to happy-new-yearly  “…Start From The Very Beginning …”
(since some of us depend upon music —->
[…Maestro, Please …]

Preparatory Dictionary and Stipulativities :

{ whole-brain-innately sub-consciously already “24/7 Happening” }:-
(“thinking-twicely” now)  lower your upper eyelids for a while – and ‘observe’ that that “darkness” is a “pre-existing ‘autonomic’ Image }
precedes your conative [wilful] Imagination’s either
unconsciously “running-away into Fantasy” {[( DANGER Even into possible life-threatening Phantasmagorying )]}
or into your consciously controlling the Imagery

“Imaging” is distinct therefore from “Imagining”
————- 1804 now —————-
Self-Preparation ‘has the practical-sense of‘  [ *
“be feeling your whole body – and then its parts (randomly, but also begin ‘sequentially’ )

‘meaning’ leads-on into more mere words 

 ———– 1820 ———

(“what’s it going to actually feel like when I begin slowly, gently, small-ly moving my toes one at a time ?”) 

————— 1823  Can we say  “we’re ‘getting the drift’ —————– and turn away 6th-domain-like into a “Sanctuary-Now” break ? ———-