Earth-Naturalisation (qua Re-Naturalisation, Co-Naturalisation, Co-Evolving …)

Despite our (homo sapiens sapiens) Earthlife-Unique Intellect-brain “divine-gift”
we have become insufficiently “Earth-Naturalised – in that whilst all other lifeforms on Earth remain progressionally evolving,

we have become “lagging” (in natural-bio-evolution) as well as “ahead” (in technology)

thus we have failed to wholly “win-win” such a “predicament” as
[for instance]
procreative ‘sex’ VERSUS ‘social sex’ –

such a major Life-Essential and Civilisationally-Necessary self-&-mutual-control Matter
has not been resolved, nor basicly-helped our Nature-Civilisation co-progression,

by “clever” {but mere] band-aids such as “condoms” …etcetera etcetera etcetera

. .

So we need to set about “de-band-aiding” –
i.e. reducing our over-reliance upon “quick-fixes” “stop-gaps”
“substitutes” “artificialities”
and “luxuries” (which are also life-imbalancing)


as well as positively symbioting
both naturally and technologically
with Earth’s Nature, Lifeforms, Evolution, and ‘Destiny’

in order to “regain Earth-Nature’s favour”
whilst also “self-&-civilisation co-sustainworthying”

Science-Technology sustainworthying

[i.e. “correcting” the oversights and ‘learning-mistakes’
being made by our perhaps”would-be-beneficent”
‘Earthlife-Alien or Feral Intellect-Instigating ETs
(extra-=terrestrial intergalactic-developmentalĀ  techno-&-bio-super-expert visitors) ]