The Human and Life Purpose “All-Out Cold-Stand-Off”

Alongside our below adjustments
of self-enablementing
in “Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying” –
[‘enabling’ for the language-economisers]

are “staggering” along
“our” unresolved contrasts in Overall-Purpose

These contrasts become also “stand-offs”, “cold-wars” and “exploding bloody battles-of-war”

and they are “aided & abetted”,
often actually “caused” by,
“foggy terminologies” and ill-disciplined democratic-conversation, discussion, planning, and decision-making -stupefying verbal-generalisations
such as
“every-one has a right to their own opinions and freedom of speech”
“that’s our voted-in Government’s Job – not ours – and we must keep our noses out of it – just do your own job”

Such differences and “free choices”
are resulting in increasinly neglectful and destructive power-parties, individual-profiteering-capitalists, and “public-Interests” –

manifesting in conflicts and outright flaming and bloody “civil-protestations” and massively-destructive international wars.

As well as the below “self-&-civilisation co-sustainworthying” improving Common-Sense Life-Stewardship and Personal Lifestyling
we need to be Clarifying and Agreeing our Human-Race Longest-Term Purpose
and the Needs-&-Hows of achieving this