Our Earthlife Sharing – a new Foundational Start

We need
to both agree the wording of first each of our individual situations then our common world situation;


clean our ‘individual slates’ and at an empty and ‘ringed’ Round Table begin ‘starting from scratch’.

The empty but ringed table allows us to begin unanimously or consensusly progressing (“voting”)
into the Notionally New Civilisation Centre of the table

guidances and instructions for
“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying”


Suppose  we are now starting to prepare –

‘naturally’ here with this sharing-friendly e-site
we can only ‘open’ the guidances and instructions foundations using sources we have in hand and can show titles of here

and then each suggest or propose a selection of Enablements from such source or sources that we are familiar with.-

–agreeable  ?


 I proposer to have “available at my ‘side-table’ ”
the lists shown in this site and in its supportives


and from the JSDM and possibly otherf submissions published on such more “erstablished” sites as


 Personally now, I am preparing from

(1)  Your Body (your personal “no instruments nor artificiality” self-awarenessing and self-controlling “biofeedback” guidances beginning with chapter 4) Beata Jencks.
(2) Holistic Living (first president of the British Holistic Medicine Foundation Patrick Pietroni ) 1. the gentle body movements section.
(3)  The Centering Book (Hendricks G. & Wills) simple self-awaring-and-sharing guided self-explorations for all ages, in a balanced sequence of known human abilities.
(4)  Six Thinking Hats (Edward de Bono) the basic 6 modes of Thinking-Together
(5)  How to “Win” Every Argument (Madsen Pirie) ‘spotting’ the flaws and fallacies in others’ Argumentation (and thus getting your own reasoning “sustainworthy”
(6) The Self Care Revolution (Suzy Reading) – [newly arrived on our “life-enablement” table here – I shall start ‘doing’ things from it]
(7)  People Skills (Robert Bolton) –
focally the Dr Thomas Gordon “No-Lose Method III of Cooperative Problem Solving” [Its 6 steps may be seen as 5.copyable from “our” 3 sites above



——————- “au revoir”  —————